Castelvenere is a small centre in the Valle Telesina, in the province of Benevento. It has about 2600 people and it is crossed by provincial (s.s.87) and municipal roads which connect its four districts: Petrara, Foresta, Marraioli and Tore.
This centre is build up on tufa referable to the volcanic activities of the Roccamonfina, Campi Flegrei and Somma-Vesuvio. Its geographical position, the climate, the fertility of the ground, the hills teaming with vines and olives make it a very important agricultural centre for the production of grapes and extra-virgin olive oils.
Castelvenere is the most important viticultural zone in Campania with its 570 hectares of cultivated lands and a yearly wine production of about 63,000 hectolitres. Since 1996 it’s a part of the national association“Città del vino”.
The local crafts is known for the working of the wrought iron, the stone and the wood; the making of wicker baskets and the production of tasty honeys, salami, cheese, taralli and preserves.

Its origins are linked to the Longobard invasion in Italy in 568. Their reign lasted until 774, but the Longobard duchy reached the year 1138 when Southern Italy was joined by the king of Sicily Ruggero II of Norman line. This people, which included Saxons and Gepidi , used to migrate in search of fertile and free soils; for that reason, a group of families occupied the territory known today as Castelvenere. The etymology of the name must be searched in the origin of these peoples which lived on the outskirts of the torrent “Wien”, tributary of the river “Danubio”. They were called “Wiener wolk”, that is “Wiener’s people” or, using latin words, “Wienei advenae”. Today they should be called “Wien’s immigrants” or simply “Vienesi - Viennesi”. We can deduce that the hamlet “Vieneri” was named after the torrent “Wien”.


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