The area of Benevento, in addition to representing the place where we have the highest concentration of vines, is today full of a productive enthusiasm, thanks to new young people. In this context, we can findMaria Pina, Mariano and Raffaele Assini, young wine entrepreneurs with a very long family tradition.
In 2003 they decided to embark on a new project called “Castelle”.

The objective of this project is to set a high value on the typical characteristics of ancient autochthonous and traditional vines of the Sannio, through modern technologies and the respect of the tradition and the connection with the place of origin.
The grapes, in particular Aglianico and Falanghina, selected according to accurate qualitative indicators,originate from the hills of Sannio and Castelvenere, an ancient village in the province of Benevento. Here the vine and its cultivation represent the signs of the cultural and social identity of the territory.

The winery, provided with the most modern technologies, extends on a surface of 600 square metres. Here the grapes, picked exclusively in the crates, are carried during the day for the production. After the final check of sugars, acidity and the comparison with the data previously took in the vineyard, the grapes are sent to the pressing. Then we have the cooling and the chemical-physical clarification of the musts and finally the beginning of the fermentation. This process occurs at a controlled temperature. All the operations are preceded by several analysis and the controls of the chemical-physical values.
The wine jars used are made of steel. The refinement takes place in steel, wood, American and French oak barriques. The Bottling system is automatic in absence of oxygen.

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Ristorante Castelle wine&food
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Via Nazionale Sannitica, 48
82037 Castelvenere (BN) Italia



TEL +39 0824 940 232
FAX +39 0824 181 0570
EMAIL castelle[at]

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